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CURIOSITAS was formed for the purpose of generating awareness of the need to spread curiosity beyond the classroom, and make educational enrichment available to as many children as possible.

“Curiositas” is the Latin word for curiosity –expressing the inner freedom to investigate the world without limits, the desire to go beyond the ordinary, to explore unknown mysteries, and to enlarge the laws of nature beyond what we already know.  Curiositas opens our minds to discover new creations borne of the meeting of arts and sciences.  Curiositas is bold, expansive, and accessible to everyone. Curiositas is the non-for-profit affiliate of Curious-on-Hudson, a leader in STEAM enrichment programs for kids.

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And what about the “IO!” (pronounced “ee-oh”)

The “IO!” is an exclamation of joy and triumph!   It matches perfectly with “Curiositas”:  IO CURIOSITAS! – the joy of curiosity.

“Io” also connects us to our roots of being borne on the Hudson River, like Io, the river goddess of mythological times and Latin literature, one of the many loves of Jupiter, Roman god of the sky and maker of light.  For Curiositas, the light was inspired by the vision of Curious-on-Hudson, the nationally recognized innovative learning center and developer of educational opportunities and enrichment programs focusing on science, technology, engineering and applied arts – STEAM for kids.Vetruvian

We are excited about expanding the access, participation and inspiration of children to learn, develop new skills and grow!…

Io Curiositas! 

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